Exploring Titusville Parks Along Florida’s Space Coast


On Florida’s Space Coast is the city of Titusville, well known for its contributions to space exploration. There’s another side to Titusville, though. A side where visitors can experience nature and wildlife. And the best place to experience this is inside one of the many Titusville parks. 

We recently spent some time in Titusville and visited five of the city’s most popular parks.


Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

The most popular of the Titusville parks is Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Located on a barrier island across from Titusville, the park offers a glimpse of what raw Florida looks like. Thousands of species of plants and animals call this protected area home and there are a few places where visitors can stop to admire the wildlife.

We recommend your first stop be Black Point Wildlife Drive. It is a clearly marked 7-mile one-way road. The entrance fee is $10 and you place the money in a small box at the start of the road. Along the path there are signs that indicate the kinds of plants and animals you may see and other interesting facts about the area. If you’re a birder, you will truly love this area. There’s also a chance that you’ll see alligators, otters, snakes, turtles, and other animals.

Another fun spot in the wildlife refuge is the Manatee Observation Deck located next to the Haulover Canal. Manatees frequent these waters year-round, although no one is sure why. Some believe that they may be drawn to a particular mineral in the water or maybe a nearby freshwater source. When we were there, we saw a few that appeared to be napping along a little nook next to the observation deck and others directly in front of the deck that was feeding on seaweed. The best part, however, was seeing a mamma manatee and her baby.

haulover canal florida

Chain of Lakes Park

Chain of Lakes is another popular Titusville park that spans 92 acres. There are multiple lakes and wetlands connected by bridges and a 3-mile walking trail. There are also multiple softball and soccer fields, but what separates this park from the other Titusville parks is its observation tower.

manatee titusville park florida

Climb the 62 steps to the stop and you’re rewarded with incredible views of the park as well as views of the Indian River and even the ocean. We enjoyed taking in the scenery from the top of the tower and noticed that we could also see Kennedy Space Center and downtown Titusville.

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Sand Point Park

Another park with great views is Sand Point Park, which is right on the Indian River. This park is a great place to bring the kiddos because there’s a nice playground and splash pad. There is also a half-mile exercise trail that is paved and has workout machines along the way. If you’re looking for a place to fish in Titusville, this is a good spot too. We chatted with one fisherman that said he’s been fishing from this spot for years.

We visited Sand Point Park for the views. The exercise trail runs parallel to the water, so we could see the bridge to Merritt Island and boats as they passed along. At the end of the path, we also found a cool statue.

Space View Park

This park may not be filled with wildlife, but Space View Park is still worth a visit. Take a leisurely stroll through the park and see the history of space exploration unfold before you with multiple sculptures and monuments that honor the astronauts and men and woman who worked with them in the many space exploration programs. The park is also a great place to see rocket launches, if you’re in the area when one is scheduled.

Fox Lake Park

The last of the Titusville parks we want to tell you about is Fox Lake Park. We didn’t spend too much time in this park, as we think it’s better suited for large groups or anyone wanted to fish or go out on the water. They have a fishing dock and a boat ramp, perfect for if you’re going to go kayaking or canoeing. There is also a sand volleyball court and three pavilions, one of which has a kitchen and seats up to 1,000 people. If you want to have a family reunion, Fox Lake Park is the place to do it!

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More on Titusville Parks

Here is some additional information on Titusville parks that you may find useful:

  • Most parks in Titusville are free to enjoy.
  • Parks are open daily from sunrise to sunset.
  • Some parks have restrictions on alcohol.
  • Remember to respect all wildlife, especially alligators.

We loved how much natural beauty there was in Titusville and how easily accessible it was by visiting these great parks. We also appreciated how much effort went into keeping the local animals safe and the areas clean so that future generations can also enjoy these amazing parks.

beach at Titusville park

This article was written by Vicky Sosa of Buddy the Traveling Monkey.

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