The South Carolina Festival of Flowers


When you think of topiary art, you probably think of Disney World. I do too, but I recently discovered that the magical world of topiaries extends all the way to the small town of Greenwood, South Carolina during an annual month-long festival.


Every June, the streets of downtown Greenwood are lined with fantastical topiaries and exploding beds of colorful flowers. What began as a simple garden show has now blossomed into the South Carolina Festival of Flowers, drawing over 100,000 visitors.

butterfly topiary South Carolina

There are a multitude of garden beds bursting in bloom, but it’s the living topiaries themselves that bring the biggest ooh’s and aah’s. With over 40 of them including giraffes, elephants, a jeep and even South Carolina team mascots, you’re sure to find a special stand-out as you explore. 

Intricate Floral Creations

The South Carolina Festival of Flowers topiaries are built onto wire frames with a customized selection of moss and plants giving each display a distinctly different look. If you were to look underneath the foliage, you’d find an irrigation system as well, which along with fertilizer ensures the topiaries retain their freshness throughout the entire month of June. They also receive regular haircuts to keep their shape. The highly involved process begins a year in advance!

South Carolina festival of flowers topiaries

South Carolina Festival of Flowers Schedule

Along with the signature topiaries, the South Carolina Festival of Flowers schedule includes all kinds of events. One of the most popular events is the Topiaries & Tastings Wine Walk on opening weekend, but a word of warning… tickets sell out quickly.


During the event, participants pick up a souvenir wine glass and a map and leisurely enjoy the topiaries as they visit a series of trail stops for wine tastings and hors d’oeuvres. The trail through Greenwood’s charming uptown square is filled with specialty boutiques, galleries and restaurants, making the evening even more memorable and entertaining.


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