A Photo Guide to the Gruene, Texas Historic District

gruene hall texas hill country

A visit to the Gruene, Texas Historic District is an absolute MUST when visiting New Braunfels. It is a quaint area with entertainment, shopping, and eating, and what’s better than that?


A Photo Guide to the Gruene, Texas Historic District

I so enjoyed my visit to Gruene, Texas with Judy from the local tourism office, In New Braunfels.

Here is the story I heard. In the 1840s, a German named Ernst Gruene (pronounced Green) decided to immigrate to start a new life. His fiance was not crazy about the idea and refused to go.

Ernst saw a young woman hanging laundry while walking through his village in Germany, and asked her to marry him and move to America. She said yes. They came to New Braunfels in 1845, bought land downriver from the settlement, and ended up building a family, a town, and a prosperous cotton business. His wife, Antoinette, undoubtedly ruled the roost.


What I Liked About Gruene, Texas

While visiting the town I really enjoyed seeing photos of the Gruene family. Gruene’s history and historic buildings are a lovely place to wander.

gruene mansion was previously an inn

There is the Gruene Mansion Inn, the Gruene Hall (where music is still played every night and Texans can dance to their heart’s content), a general store, homes, and inns. The district is on the National Historic Register and everything is kept up beautifully.

gruene hall texas hill country

On the river, one can eat, do wine tasting, shop, and dance. Gruene, Texas is a very German town, but also very Texan. I loved it and can’t wait to go back when I have plenty of leisure time to spend the entire day there.

Definitely weekend worthy, folks!

grist mill restaurant gruene tx
gruene texas wine scene

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