Millennial Hotspots in Orlando: Things to Do Beyond Theme Parks


Orlando, Florida, has rapidly become a beacon for millennials who crave both the warmth of a vibrant local scene and the thrill of new experiences. Known far and wide as the “theme park capital of the world,” Orlando’s allure goes further, offering an urban playground brimming with novel activities and culinary delights that beckon the adventurer in each of us.Beneath the shadow of epic roller coasters and beyond the enchanting parades, here are 5 things for millennials to do in Orlando that promise a memorable foray into the city’s heart.


1. Indulge in Waterfront Elegance at The Boathouse

Discover the charm where Art Deco elegance meets maritime bliss at The Boathouse in Disney Springs. Succulent steaks from Gibsons Blue Star Heritage Angus, an oyster lover’s paradise with a variety we dub ‘absolute treasures of the sea’, and cocktails that are as visually arresting as they are delicious (who could resist the Duck Duck Razz topped with its own rubber duck?)—the menu is a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered.


Round off your exquisite dining experience with a splashy adventure in a vintage Amphicar, cruising around Disney Springs, turning heads and waves in equal measure. The Captain’s Guided Tour is our pick.


2. Hit the Bullseye at Axe On Axe Off

Channel your inner warrior at Orlando’s most extensive axe-throwing venue, Axe On Axe Off. Whether you’re a novice wielder or an axe aficionado, this locale with its 20 custom-built target structures beckons you to sharpen your skills or hatchet out friendly rivalries with their scoring games.

And the best part? You’re encouraged to bring along snacks and sips (stick to the non-alcoholic variety here) to fuel your competitive fire.


3. Tee Off with Excitement at Topgolf

Whether you’re flying solo or bonding with your pack, Topgolf Orlando serves as a gathering ground for immersive fun, where golf gets a high-tech twist that welcomes all skill levels. The venue boasts a buffet of games; give the crowd-pleaser Angry Birds a swing, complemented by scrumptious eats and spirited libations, available from dawn (hello, breakfast!) to dusk.

Here’s a local insider tip: Tuesdays offer half-price gameplay, so plan your visit and score on savings!


4. Savor Eclectic Flavors at Wine Bar George

Wine Bar George is the creation of Master Sommelier George Miliotes and stands as a testament to the love of fine wine. With an extensive selection that includes over 140 wines to sip by the glass, bottle, or ounce, this spot is a must-visit for oenophiles and casual drinkers alike. Elevate your experience with their popular frozen drinks, craft cocktails, and tantalizing bites, with a brunch that has fast become a weekend ritual among locals.

Pressed for time? The Basket at Wine Bar George offers the perfect quick-stop for a delectable snack or takeaway tipple.


5. Embark on an Escape at The Great Escape Game

Add a dash of intrigue to your Orlando itinerary with The Great Escape Game, where you’re whisked into a world of mystery. Band together, follow the breadcrumbs, solve the enigmas, and complete your mission—all within 60 adrenaline-packed minutes. Immerse yourself in themes ranging from espionage-filled There are many adventures to choose from, including Poker Night at the President’s Bunker and Escape Artist: Houdini’s Final Contact to the Mountain Top Murders.

With attention to detail that eclipses your average escape room, The Great Escape Game is your ticket to an immersive, unforgettable challenge

Photo from Great Escape Room website.

Why Orlando for Millennials?

Unsurprisingly, Orlando’s eclectic mix of chill and thrill speaks directly to the millennial spirit—a spirit that seeks unique experiences, flavors, and stories worth sharing. And whether it’s for a weekend escapade or a longer exploration, Orlando stands ready to deliver an unforgettable adventure.

Are you ready to explore these millennial hotspots in Orlando? From savory waterfront dinners to mysterious escape delights, Orlando offers a plethora of travels that extend well beyond the usual theme park thrills. Discover the city anew and forge incredible memories along the way.

Remember, every corner of Orlando is a potential story in the making. Discover it for yourself, and you’ll understand why millennials herald this city not only as a playground of their youth but as the stage for their wanderlust.

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